The joy of writing

I have had a tendency to think that all thoughts have to be novel, thought through to the last detail and of a mind-boggling character before being shared onto the ether.

This perfectionism becomes a barrier for harvesting the joy and benefits of writing for the sake of writing. As a tool to process thoughts, find inspiration and for recreation.

Things do not have to be a sensational story, a groundbreaking thought or an application for a Mensa award. What I consider simple ideas and stories can be inspirational and helpful. For myself self, and if I am lucky also for others.

The feeling of pen to paper, of keys typing to form words into a sentence that tickle your mind – like a set of new LEGO bricks clicking together with just the right resistance – can be both meditative and invigorating.

I’ve found it is best to let the pen, or keys, just wander with my thoughts and then share. It is both terrifying and liberating, ultimately serving as a powerful tool for creative inspiration, personal development, and a brief respite from the urgency with which everything must be considered and addressed in today's fast-paced world.