On parenting

This is a repost of the original from my previous blog at https://world.hey.com/jaran.flaath

Being a parent is hard.

It's easy to fall into strict, rigid patterns in your parenting strategy. We're blasted with articles, books and know-it-all parents that want to tell us the right way to do parenting.

It's easy to believe you have to find the correct stance on every aspect of parenting and stick to it.

What's become clear to me is that similar to many of my other areas of life, things are constantly shifting, new information comes up and you gain new perspectives.

Don't stay on your path just because you decided so way back at the edge of the forest. Explore. Stray from the path to gain new perspectives and adapt to whatever challenges you are faced with.

It's important to be a dependable parent for your kids, but it's two very different things to be dependable and to be adamant in your approach to parenting.

Kids – humans of any age for that matter – have basic needs that needs to be in place. As long as those are in place, attempt to approach parenting with an open mind and curiosity. You don't have to have a rigid regime on every part of life, and your parenting style.

I am not promoting free upbringing with no limits or restrictions. I am a believer of solid guidelines and passing on your definition of being a good human being to your little ones.

My realisation is that with an open mind and curiosity towards parenting, you will give yourself more headspace and fewer chances of feeling inadequate.

No one has all the answers. Be open to changing your mind. Do the best you can with the information you have at hand.

Realise this and you will have a better life as a parent.